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Life Can Be Hard

In today's life it can be fast paced and stressful. We can have people everywhere all around us and still we feel totally alone. You just feel like no matter how much you need say, it falls on deaf ears. You just need to have someone listen to your concerns and cares about life and day to day living. Just to be there as your sounding board to bounce your ideas, thoughts and concerns off of. To keep your strictest confidences when you just don't feel comfortable talking to the people around you in your everyday life.

Let Me Help

I am an ordained minister with the Universal Ministries offering Company Chaplain Services. Company Chaplain Services lets companies offer their employees an outlet to talk to a neutral third party confidentally about anything. These sessions are not religiously based and religion is not ever brought up unless the client would bring up the subject. It gives employees an outlet to be able to speak about anything without judgement nor prejudice in a supportive environment. Sometimes people just need to let it out and start to feel better about the people, the things and the situations around them to become more productive people in life, in work and in general.

Company Chaplain Services

I offer three 15 minute sessions per hour on a five hour day serving 15 clients.

Or if you prefer     

I offer two 25 minute sessions per houron a five hour day serving 10 clients.


$560.00 per month for one day per week.

*Mileage Fees outside of a 50 mile range may apply.